After years in a coma, DMOZ/ODP finally pronounced dead

Final Nail In The Google Directory Coffin
by Barry  Schwartz, Search Engine Land
Jul 20, 2011

In 2008, Google removed directory links from Webmaster Tools and in December 2010, Google dropped the search box from the Google directory.

Today, Google has completely removed the Google Directory as a Google service. Going to will show you a notice that reads the “Google Directory is no longer available”. Yesterday the directory was live but today, Google quietly and without warning removed it.

In  truth, DMOZ/ODP has been of historical interest only to anyone but the  increasingly shrinking in-group that constitutes DMOZ editors for years. Their  claim to importance in recent years has been the desperate claim that Google still thought they had value – despite the fact that Google had pretty much stopped updating the listings in their cloned version a long time ago. Now clearly, DMOZ exists only to continue to feed the pathetic egos of its

R.I.P. DMOZ. We hardly knew ye.

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One Reply to “After years in a coma, DMOZ/ODP finally pronounced dead”

  1. I totally agree. Most of the editors are people with egos and do little work. Waiting for a site to get listed is worst than hitting the lottery.

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