Celebrating 20 Years of AOL Annoyances and Foul-Ups

Perhaps more of interest to those who lived through it than those who arrived on the tail end, this is a fascinating and sometimes frustrating look back on infamous moments in AOL history.

The one thing not mentioned in the article is AOL’s link to the ironically self-titled Open Directory Project aka DMOZ, an once noble if hopelessly overoptimistic project whose recent history is as infamous as that of its owners.

20 Years of AOL Annoyances and Foul-Ups
by Harry McCracken, Technologizer, PCWorld
Apr 28, 2009

AOL floppies and CDs. Sharon Stone’s fling with the Running Man icon. The death of Netscape. It’s all part of AOL history we’d like to forget.

Read the PCWorld article here.

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