Check Up From The Neck Up

The Mood Disorders Association of Ontario is inviting individuals to take an online test called Check Up from the Neck Up, designed to screen for various anxiety disorders and mood disorders.

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. This simple, online, private, mental health check-up can identify some symptoms of common mood disorders so you can get help if you need it. You can also learn more about mood disorders on this site and find resources to help yourself, your family members, or friends.

Mood disorders are very common. They affect 1 in 5 people at some point and yet few people seek treatment. Sometimes people are afraid to talk about it, or they don’t recognize that they’re experiencing a treatable illness. They may not know where or how to get help. This website was created to raise awareness about mood disorders and connect people with resources to get help if they need it. An online check-up offers privacy for people who want to learn more, and it’s so easy to do that everyone can participate as part of their basic health routine.

The online screening tests will be officially launched on Thursday, April 6, 2006, and runs for three months. The website also includes a variety of factsheets on a topics such as anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, depression, menopause, PMS, seasonal affective disorder, suicide, and treatment options.

Take the online screening test here.

anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, depression, menopause, PMS, seasonal affective disorder, suicide, mood disorders

4 Replies to “Check Up From The Neck Up”

  1. Interesting quiz, however I was wondering if you knew any that had more comprehensive results than just the generalized ones they give you?

  2. There are several sites with fun quizzes, “personality tests”, and “IQ tests”. Be warned that, unlike the “Check Up From The Neck Up” screening test or those at official sites such as NAMI or NIMH, most tests on the internet should be viewed as entertainment only.

    One site is Queendom. A Google search will find many more.

  3. I did try this quiz and wonder now exactly how messed up I actually am! Don’t “most” of us feel “something like that” sometimes in life? Does it really mean a “disorder”..or just the natural ups and downs of life?

  4. Please remember the online tests like this one (and similar ones in magazines, etc.) are screening tests only! They cannot and do not diagnose you. All they can do is flag certain problems or issues or symptoms that MIGHT BE (or might not be) an indication of an anxiety disorder, depression, OCD, etc. If a test suggests that you MIGHT have a problem, consult your doctor or a mental health professional.

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