Eating, Drinking, Overthinking

Eating, Drinking, Overthinking: The Toxic Triangle of Food, Alcohol, and Depression – and How Women Can Break Free
By Susan Nolen-Hoeksema, Ph.D.

Depression is a common and debilitating problem among women, though it rarely occurs in a vacuum. Instead, as Susan Nolen-Hoeksema has found, depression often coexists with disordered patterns of eating and drinking. Three core problems – overthinking, unhealthy eating habits, and heavy drinking – lead to and reinforce one another in a toxic triangle that wreaks havoc on women’s mental well-being, their physical health, their relationships, and their careers – so completely they often find it very difficult to break free.

Breaking free is possible, however, both for women who are already aware that they suffer from a serious problem and for the hundreds of thousands of others who dance around the edges with only occasional symptoms. As Eating, Drinking, Overthinking shows, women can free themselves by transforming the very traits that make them vulnerable into strengths. Nolen-Hoeksema provides the tools to harness the energy of women’s reflective and interpersonal skills, creating more effective and healthy ways to counter their tendency to turn inward.

Eating, Drinking, Overthinking raises an alarm by revealing that the intersection of depression, unhealthy eating, and heavy drinking is, though common, all but ignored by scientists and the lay public. This book gives hope to women whose lives are in grips of the toxic triangle, as well as to their family and friends, that freedom is within reach.

Author: Susan Nolen-Hoeksema, Ph.D. is a professor of psychology at Yale University, and the author of Women Who Think Too Much : How to Break Free of Overthinking and Reclaim Your Life.

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