Meaning: Why We Crave It, How We Create It

The Little Book on Meaning: Why We Crave It, How We Create It
by Laura Berman Fortgang

As a prominent self-help author and a pioneer in the field of life coaching, Laura Berman Fortgang has spent decades helping people figure out what they want to do with their lives. And so it was a bit of a surprise when a theme she heard repeatedly from her clients emerged in her own thinking and would not be dismissed: her work didn’t feel as “meaningful” to her as it once had. It was one of those big realizations one has from time to time. The funny thing was, though, that it turned out the solution(s) to her problem were actually quite small . . .

In The Little Book on Meaning, Fortgang reveals that while our hunger for a “meaningful” life can be enormous, our desire for meaning is usually satiated by small, bite-size morsels of meaning — the little, almost incidental events or achievements that make up the fabric of our lives. According to Fortgang, meaning is where you look for it, and through tenderly drawn stories from her own life and the lives of those around her, she shows readers how they too can peek around corners to discover the small elements of their lives that truly matter. Where are some of the easiest places to look? Laura takes readers through five other M words beyond the godfather of them all — Meaning — that will serve as markers on the path:

  • Mystery: Many of us are so busy looking for answers that we fail to consider the questions.
  • Minister: Caring for others can be the best thing we can do for ourselves.
  • Magnificence: If we will just open our eyes — and truly look — beauty and purpose are everywhere!
  • Mind: Tangled up in our thoughts, we fail to experience the moment.
  • Mystic: When we learn to see the world through the eyes of a mystic, suddenly everything holds meaning.

The Little Book on Meaning is an invaluable guide and companion for anyone seeking greater meaning and purpose in their life.

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