The plan…

I’ve been thinking about this blog thing today, along with fighting the aftermath of a summer ‘flu (and what is that about? when did we start having the ‘flu all year ’round?) and trying to figure out why the XML feed won’t work.
It occurs to me that this might be an interesting place to explore some of the stories and issues about psychology and psychotherapy that may be a bit too controversial for my PsychLinks Online Psychology & Self-Help Forum and/or where I can be more open with respect to my personal opinions about issues.
I confess I am a technophile, at least when it comes to the internet. I’m looking forward to see what can be done with blogging, beyond the ordinary “this is what happened to me today” sort of online diary – to me, that’s just a new form of exhibitionism.
Speaking of exhibitionism, I am amazed at the apparent success of “reality TV” – it seems like all the most ludicrous predictions of 50s and 60s science fiction coming true. I watched part of one episode of the original Survivor show and for me that was plenty. Now we have cameras following newlyweds and roommates around, or people in committed relationships being placed sans partner in a remote location to be tempted into adultery by beautiful members of the opposite sex. With The Osbournes, I get it – that too can be obnoxious but it’s amusing and disturbing at the same time because the characters are so outrageous – sort of Father Knows Best in some sort of psychotic alternate universe.
Do you enjoy these shows? If so, explain it to me, please… 

What am I going to do with this blog?

Okay… here I am again about two months after starting this — after dealing with several other projects (when will I learn that I really can NOT multitask?) — finally back to fix up the settings for this blogger thing so I can actually publish something with it.  This, of course, is a filler post to see if it actually works… :o)

Why am I doing this? I suppose it’s curiosity about the technology, mostly…
Now the trick is to figure out what I want to do with it. Why would I want to take on the task of trying to think of something intelligible to say in a blog?

I don’t have the answer to that one yet but it seems to me that potentially this medium may give me a place to muse and reflect in a way that might be inappropriate on those other sites.
Time will tell. And of course if it fails I can always delete the sucker and deny it ever existed.