phpLynx: Directory Script with Superb Support

I wrote previously about the eSyndicat directory software and what at the time was great technical support. While I still feel that eSyndicat is a good script when it’s installed and running smoothly, the process of upgrading the scripts is a veritable nightmare. I’ve suffered through about three of them and required the intervention of tech support to clean up the debris every time. This is certainly not because I’m a novice at installing or upgrading. I’ve done it with several varieties of forum software as well as WordPress. Believe me – the eSyndicat upgrade experience is something you cannot even imagine unless you’ve been through it personally.

And when I attempted the upgrade to the latest version of eSyndicat and once again was left with a blank screen as a result, I was done.

And that brings me to phpLynx. I had actually looked at this software a little while ago and after the latest eSyndicat debacle I returned for another look.

The software itself is multi-featured, to the point where learning to navigate around the Admin CP is a bit of a learning curve. But the effort is worth it, because there are numerous features configurable from the ACP to customize all aspects of your directory.

As for support, what can I say? It is beyond comparison. Gary, the lead coder and support man for phpLynx, spent several hours this weekend installing three copies of the script and walking me through the customization options, showing enormous patience as I stumbled along for the first few days. He also referred me to a custom graphics designer, Jojo at, who showed similar patience and dedication in creating an original template for the directories to my specifications. What can I say about Jojo? She does excellent work for a fair price, works within a very reasonable time frame, and creates a template that you want. I would highly recommend her.

Have a look at the public debut of my new directories:

And a public thank you to Gary and Jojo for your patience and for the excellence of your work!

Update: I have now returned to the latest version of eSyndicat Pro. I was informed by a frequent visitor that there were significant problems with displaying the phpLynx script in browsers for the MAC (not having a MAC, I wasn’t able to test this personally). I later discovered that phpLynx has now closed up shop and is looking for a buyer for the script.

Further Update: I have also given up on eSyndicat. I still think it was a great script but the updates were an ongoing nightmare that always resulted in downtime and intervention from their tech support people. In my opinion, a simple dot version upgrade should not be that complicated. I have now conslolidated my directories into a single directory at using the phpLD script (review forthcoming).

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  1. On behalf of the whole phpLynx team, we’d like to thank you for your kind words. We pride ourselves on our support and Gary is second to none on this; if he can’t fix it one of the programmers under his command will.

    We’re delighted that you’re happy with the product and hope to improve in the future.


    The Cantufind Network

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