Products Behaving Badly: Acronis True Image 2012

I recently bought and installed Acronis True Image 2012.

I realized within a couple of days that this would not do what I wanted on my laptop so I uninstalled it, thinking perhaps I might use it on my desktop. When I did so, Windows 7 warned me that Windows Backup was not running. Now during installation, Acronis had by default checked an option called “Integrate True Image into Windows” – an innocuous sounding option which seemed like a good idea. What is NOT made clear is that this disables and replaces Windows built-in Backup and Restore utility. Bad enough – but okay… not too difficult to turn Windows Backup on in Control Panel.

But now comes the horror story:

A few days later I had an issue with my Windows laptop and wanted to do a quick System Restore to an earlier checkpoint. To my utter astonishment, I discovered that Acronis had disabled this feature in Windows 7: There were no Restore points available at all!

In time, I was able to fix the issue manually, turn System Restore back on, and create a restore point.

But I am still outraged. At no point during the installation was I given a choice or warned by Acronis that their installation would turn off System Restore.

This is in my opinion totally and completely unacceptable behavior on the part of ANY product installer.

A huge THUMBS DOWN to Acronis. I would issue a strong warning to everyone to stay away from any and all Acronis products. Ever.


It actually gets worse: I’ve now discovered that since installing and uninstalling this product none of my USB thumbnail drives are accessible. I still don’t have a fix for this.

This product should not be purchased or installed by anyone.

Update 2:

Fixed the USB thumbnail drive problem finally,

See ATIH 2012 uninstalled – now cannot access any USB thumbnail drives | Knowledge Base

The uninstaller left behind a LOT of garbage including drivers. The cleanup utility referenced in that support thread also left behind a lot of registry entries.

Once I tracked down and deleted ALL of them, I rebooted, plugged in my USB thumbnail drive, it indicated that it was installing required drivers, and this time – finally – it succeeded.

2 Replies to “Products Behaving Badly: Acronis True Image 2012”

  1. Thank you for giving a great review. Sorry to know that Acronis True Image 2012 was a bad choice. Can you suggest any alternate to it. I really need a good virtual drive product for my laptop. Thanks

  2. Thank you, Nancy.

    You might give EaseUS Todo Backup a look. For basic Backups and disk images, I use the built-in Windows Backup utility and scheduler with a 2 TB external drive. For supplementary backups of less critical data (music, images, etc.) to a separate external 1 TB external drive, I use the ToDo program.

    I also have the Nero 12 Platinum Suite which includes Nero BackItUp which can backup critical data to DVDs or a series of DVDs, as well as other devices: “With Nero BackItUp, it’s a cinch to disaster-proof your important data. Schedule a routine backup of files, folders or your entire PC and choose from a huge range of supported devices.”

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