I’m a little late finding this but…

I was tagged by Jeremy Mayes (aka GuyFromChicago) back in December 2006:

After you’ve been tagged you’re supposed to spill the beans on 5 things people don’t know about you then tag a few other people.

Here’s mine:

  1. I was the second oldest (oldest son) of twelve children and had five sisters before my first brother came along.
  2. I was born in London, England, but left for Canada at age 6 weeks. Fortunately, my parents and sister decided to come to Canada at the same time or I probably would have starved and/or frozen to death.
  3. I had been in 13 different schools by Grade 6. In grade 5 (or perhaps it was grade 6), I attended schools three different schools – in British Columbia, England, and Montreal, Quebec.
  4. I started my first web site in 1996 as a way of providing internet mental health bookmarks for my clients.
  5. My first domain name lapsed and was snapped up by a porn site who offered to sell it back to me for a ridiculous amount of money. Instead, I bought another domain name and spent three months tracking down all of my backlinks and getting them edited to point to the new domain. I was frankly surprised at how cooperative the majority of the webmasters were at responding to my plight.

And now, to continue the chain, I’ll tag Cristian, Brandi, Jill, Shoemoney, Jennifer, and  E. Fuller Torrey at the Treatment Advocacy Center for his ongoing contributions to advocacy on behalf of mental health patients.


5 Replies to “Tagged”

  1. That is a while back, but impressive ‘reveals’ nonetheless.

    Any problems remembering all your siblings?

    13 different schools: did you move around a lot, or were you just really, really bad? =P

    Are you going to reveal the domain name?

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