The Concepcion Project

There is a lot in the news currently – and rightly so – about the horrific earthquakes in Haiti and the relief efforts underway to assist the Haitian people. Even in the midst of this disaster, I am hearing comments in the media about the need to do more than just help Haiti from one disaster to the next, about the need to inject some infrastructure into their nation to help them move toward greater independence from international aid.

From time to time, we are reminded that for millions of people worldwide, the problem is not confined to natural disasters or a single nation – poverty is a reality they live with every day of their lives.

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This link was sent to my by a friend, Cindy, who appears in the photo with Pastor Mike early in the video.

The Concepcion Project
by tigguur

At about the time the earthquake hit Haiti last week, I was about 200 miles away in Honduras witnessing another tragedy which continues every day.

I had pre-arranged a 1 day visit before leaving on my holidays to visit a small Mission House outside of Roatan, Honduras, with a Pastor I had emailed and arranged to meet.

He had arranged for Cindy and I to meet a grandmother taking care of 6 of her grandchildren on her own who lives in a 1 room shack, mud floor and a leaking roof. This wonderful, simple, caring woman’s name is Concepcion.

When I got there the Pastor said the Lord had spoken to him and given him the name of a younger lady who desperately needed help since we spoke even more than Concepcion. I had brought with me coloring books, gum, cheap watches for the kids and a small financial donation which I gave to this woman whose name is Rosa.

Cindy adds:

Just came back from our Caribbean cruise which was great! Prior to the trip, we had arranged with a church in Honduras to drop off a couple hundred dollars to a family in need and this is what we came across. This was our first stop and it left us feeling like misers… $200? And some coloring books & gum? They need a lot more so Kenny is going back with a few workers and construction supplies (I would love to be one of them if I could get time off work but don’t think its possible). Please check out this video taken from the pics I took during our brief visit and if you’re moved in any way, please feel free to help out.. whether it’s a donation or joining the crew to Honduras and giving sweat labor.

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