WordPress 2.02: First Impressions

I’ve just finished upgrading from WordPress 1.52 to WordPress 2.02, following a warning from my host that they were upgrading all WordPress installations due to a security vulnerability in 1.5x.

I must confess that I approached this upgrade with some trepidation, since when WP 2.00 was released I had read posts in various forums concerning problems with excessive hits on MySQL. I don’t know whether I am one of the lucky ones who didn’t have to worry about that glitch or the WordPress team fixed the problem with 2.0x versions, but in any case I’ve seen no issues so far.

Apart from the substantially more attractive user interface, there some pleasant surprises in version 2.02. One was that some plugins that I had previously installed but which stubbornly refused to work, despite being rated for use with version 1.5+, now work in version 2.02. A second surprise was an improved editing interface.

I’ve long made it a practice to avoid version .00 updates in almost everything — my policy has always been to let other people be the beta testers. However, I’m happy to report that there doesn’t seem to be any reason to delay upgrading to WP 2.02.

Caveat: Do follow the WordPress upgrade instructions to the letter just in case something goes wrong.

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